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childfree_bs's Journal

Childfree Bulls***
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Are you a childfree person who thought of a crushing smackdown for a screeching yardape, but didn't have the balls to say it?

Did you come up with a great line to put that moo in her place, but thought of it hours later?

Do you surf teh Intarwebz, trolling breeding communities and dreaming up nasty things you'd say if you grew a set?

Do you fantasize about being physically or verbally assaulted by breeders, only to ultimately triumph, to the cheers of all bystanders?

Well, then, don't clog up the childfree communities (or customers_suck, etc.) with lies about shit you didn't say, and didn't do. Come HERE, and bask in the adulation of your fellows!

Points are awarded for both creativity AND liberal use of cliches. Let's have some fun!

NOTE: This community is open to everybody. You do not have to be childfree to join, post, or comment.